(Sorted by first author)

Open Book:a Tool for Helping ASD Users Semantic Comprehension.
Eduard Barbu, Maria Teresa Martín-Valdivia and Luis Alfonso Ureña-López

A System for the Simplification of Numerical Expressions at Different Levels of Understandability.
Susana Bautista, Raquel Hervás, Pablo Gervás, Richard Power and Sandra Williams

A User Study: Technology to Increase Teachers’ Linguistic Awareness to Improve Instructional Language Support for English Language Learners.
Jill Burstein, John Sabatini, Jane Shore, Brad Moulder and Jennifer Lentini.

Tools for Non-native Readers: the Case for Translation and Simplification.
Maxine Eskenazi, Yibin Lin and Oscar Saz

Lexical Tightness and Text Complexity
Michael Flor, Beata Beigman Klebanov and Kathleen M. Sheehan

A Two-Stage Approach for Generating Unbiased Estimates of Text Complexity.
Kathleen M. Sheehan, Michael Flor and Diane Napolitano